Using the Wrong Vowels

Another type of spelling error can occur due to the incorrect use of vowels in a word – “grammer” and “grammar”, for example. Such spelling errors can occur because the way a student verbally pronounces a word may not directly correspond with how the word is spelled – such spelling errors can be further exacerbated if the student has the habit of mispronouncing certain words.

Here is a list of common spelling errors with the wrong use of vowels, followed by the correct spelling:

Calender – Calendar

Cemetary –  Cemetery

Collegue – Colleague

Definately – Definatly – Definitely

Dependant – Dependent

Aspecially – Especially

Exaggarate – Exaggerate

Grammer – Grammar

Independance – Independence

Pharoah – Pharaoh

Pronounciation – Pronunciation

Rediculous – Ridiculous

Seperate – Separate

Supposably – Supposedly

Tounge – Tongue

Truely – Truly

Even though the reader can still generally infer what these misspelled words are supposed to mean, making such rudimentary spelling errors can make the writer seem sloppy and unpolished. It is best to proofread one’s writing well and avoid making these errors altogether.