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Lower Primary

Build strong foundations in English!

It’s never too early to start. In order to perform complex critical thinking and writing skills, students must have a strong foundation in the English language.

Our Lower Primary English classes train our P1 and P2 students to:

  • Express and articulate ideas freely with a given theme
  • Enjoy reading short stories and make meaning out of them
  • Describe pictures vividly with vocabulary building practices
  • Write a story with proper development.

These are crucial for the Comprehension and the writing components of their assessments. We provide Creative writing classes for primary school students in Singapore that will help hone their writing and communication abilities.

Middle Primary

Cultivate Independence in Reading

Our Middle Primary English classes train our P3 and P4 students to:

  • Recognise different text types and learn to interpret them
  • Process information by applying comprehension skills at the literal and inferential levels
  • Construct meaning from visual texts
  • Be reflective, purposeful and aware of the effect of their writing and representation on their audience.

These skills are necessary for the Comprehension and Compisition Writing components of their examinations.

Upper Primary

Preparation for PSLE

Our Upper Primary English classes train our P5 and P6 students to:

  • Create a greater variety of texts at more sophisticated levels
  • Be more aware of the effects of their writing (both situational and composition) on readers
  • Focus on language use and context awareness
  • Read between the lines for implied meanings using comprehension passages
  • Analyse the underlying meaning of visual messages (pictures)
  • Question and evaluate what is read, including the writers’ intentions and soundness of the argument.

These skills are necessary for the Comprehension, Composition writing and Situational Writing components of the PSLE.