Holiday Programmes

Learning doesn’t stop in the holidays!


Find out the secrets of deciphering comprehension and essay questions!
For Primary, Secondary and JC students

Students will learn to:

  • Break down and analyse different question types
  • Source for key content points from interesting news articles
  • Infer and interpret accurately (comprehension)
  • Write concise thesis statements (essays)
  • Structure and organise their writing (essays)
  • Expand their perspectives on key issues and ideas!


English Literature

Master close reading and literary analysis!
For Secondary and JC students

Students will learn to:

  • Identify key literary techniques
  • Close read unseen prose passages
  • Close read unseen poetry passages
  • Respond accurately to literary essay questions
  • Explain literary analysis persuasively in their essays


Bridging Classes

Cross over to new academic levels with ease!
For new Sec 1, Sec 3, and J1 students 

Transitions to new academic levels are always daunting. Our bridging classes are designed to introduce the key components of new exam formats to our students so that they can get a head start in the next academic year!


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