Junior College

General Paper | English Literature

General Paper

Develop Strong Content and Argumentative Skills

Our JC GP classes feature:

  • Content-rich articles covering topics from science, education, environmental studies, the media, politics and social issues
  • Critical thinking questions to sharpen students’ perspectives of these issues
  • Facilitated small group discussions
  • Focused attention to the nuances of language
  • Strong analytical skills tutorials to demonstrate how to break down keywords and define the parameters of their arguments
  • Strong writing skills tutorials to demonstrate how to present compelling and articulate arguments in their essays.

These skills prepare our students to be proficient in the comprehension, essay writing, summary and application question components of their General Paper.

Our General paper Singapore classes help students to be better prepared for the real world, so they are able to communicate highly effectively & proficiently.

With our General paper essay writing Singapore course outline and General paper comprehension Singapore programs designed for all our pupils, they are able to think outside the box swiftly & independently, and every student will be empowered to have a broader knowledge of the social and economic world around them.

English Literature

Analyse great works of Literature with sophistication and flair

Our JC EL classes feature:

  • Rigorous close reading practice so that students can produce personal and original analyses
  • Exposure to great literary works and accomplished literary critical essays
  • Skills based tutorials for writing literary essays (including comparative essays)
  • Analytical practice for interpreting literary questions.

Our classes prepare students to be equipped to excel in their A level English Literature exams.

With well-organized English literature class for a junior college in Singapore, we help educate students to be the best among their peers and with the focus to improve their skills in poetry and general writing.

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