Lower Secondary

English (Critical Writing) | English Literature

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English (Critical Writing)

Build strong critical thinking and writing skills to excel in English

Our Lower Secondary Critical Writing (LSCW) classes train students to:

  • Analyse questions
  • Infer and interpret information accurately
  • Give precise definitions of key terms
  • Evaluate claims from a range of perspectives
  • Write coherent responses with clear claims and premises
  • Structure their essays well.

By providing distinctive English comprehension class for a secondary school in Singapore, we equip students to find English as very easy subject and with the capacity to excel in the language.

These skills are crucial for the comprehension, summary, essay writing, and situational writing components of their O level and IP English exams. We help students to be extensively prepared and become skilled in this context by offering exclusive English composition class for secondary school pupils.

English Literature

Develop crucial close reading and critical appreciation skills 

At Think. Write, we are most passionate about teaching literature. We believe that building the right literary foundations can make this subject enjoyable and enriching for years to come.

Our Lower Secondary English Literature (LSEL) classes train students to:

  • Identify and analyse a range of literary devices
  • Close read texts carefully and creatively
  • Appreciate great literary works and masterful critical writers
  • Write persuasive literary essays

These skills are relevant for the unseen prose/poetry and set text components of their Literature exam.