Upper Secondary

English (Critical Writing) | Social Studies | English Literature

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English (Critical Writing)

Develop strong critical thinking and writing skills to excel in English

Our Upper Secondary Critical Writing (USCW) classes train students to:

  • Analyse questions
  • Infer and interpret information accurately
  • Give precise definitions of key terms
  • Evaluate claims from a range of perspectives
  • Write coherent responses with clear claims and premises
  • Structure their essays well.

These skills are crucial for the comprehension, summary, essay writing, and situational writing components of their O level and IP English exams.

Social Studies

Engage key global issues with insight and credibility

Critical thinking is a complex process. Students need to develop a series of mental steps in order to evaluate a claim soundly. At Think. Write, we break down this process for them to make it less daunting.

Our Upper Secondary Social Studies (USSS) classes train students to:

  • Observe the content and identify key points for discussion
  • Identify and evaluate key assumptions of the claim in question
  • Infer and interpret information accurately
  • Brainstorm how other parts of society might respond to this claim
  • Formulate nuanced responses to key issues in society
  • Gather key evidence to support their claim

These skills are fundamental for the source-based and long answer components of their O Level Social Studies exam.

Our Social studies for secondary school students in Singapore offers the best curriculum to establish every pupil in becoming properly educated with knowledge of their society and the world at large.

English Literature

Handle great works of Literature with sophistication and flair

At Think. Write, we are most passionate about teaching literature. We aim to equip students with a strong literary foundation and develop their analytical flair.

Our Upper Secondary English Literature (USEL) classes train students to:

  • Identify and analyse a range of literary devices
  • Close read texts carefully and creatively
  • Appreciate great literary works and masterful critical writers
  • Write persuasive literary essays

These skills are relevant for the unseen prose/poetry and set text components of their O Level Literature exam.

To help all our students, we provide the best English literature class for secondary school pupils and this is designed to bring out the creative skills in them so that they can innovatively and effortlessly put together outstanding literature content.

We offer outstanding English literature Singapore courses that simplify the entire learning and implementation process for students.