Think. Write

Think. Write was built on rather grand and lofty ideals – that we could change the way English and Literature was taught in Singapore. Instead of focusing on just grammar and content, students were supposed to enjoy the subject more in terms of the thinking process and be empowered to craft their thoughts in writing that could be shared with others.
Four years later, these grand and lofty ideals still remain the same.



Children's Society Fundraiser

Reading is one of the best gifts we can give our children. In celebration of National Literary Day, we are running a ‘literary’ fundraiser for the Children’s Society, who are doing wonderful work championing the well-being of young people and caring for the ones in need.

We are selling Matilda books for $12. From every sale, $8 will go to the Children’s Society in support of their work.

Buy a copy for your child today! Reward him or her with Roald Dahl’s imaginative world and know that you are playing a part helping a child in need. Please call 8684 9414 or email for more information.

Thinking Minds, Creating Worlds

SG50 was an opportunity for us to reflect and celebrate our progress in education over the last 50 years. In this essay writing competition, Singaporean students between 10 and 18 could answer one of five essay questions pertaining to the past and present of Singapore. 50 of the best essay submissions were then handed over to a panel of Singaporean academics — experts in linguistics, education and literature — who analysed their writing and provided insight into the trends of our students’ thinking processes.

These collection of essays — both the students’ and academics’ — were published into book and distributed nationwide. SG50’s generous sponsorship allowed for every school to receive copies of the final publication in commemoration of this significant event.

This unique opportunity allowed this project to act as a snapshot of young Singaporean thinkers, fifty years into our nation’s education system. It provided a nuanced perspective of what our form of education has been able to accomplish and gives us an indication of how we can aspire to move forward in the future.