Flooded Cave

It’s like being blind.

By the time this post is uploaded, all twelve boys and their coach have thankfully reached safety. Incessant rainfall is but one of the challenges the rescue team had to contend with, in addition to the difficulty of pumping oxygen into the labyrinthine cave, and draining the murky rainwater it was flooded with.

The death of former Thai navy seal, Saman Kunan, from running out of oxygen while replenishing air tanks in the cave’s treacherous tunnels shows exactly how perilous this rescue operation is. Getting out of the cave through its narrow pathways had been even more arduous for the boys, aged 11 to 16, who are not trained divers, with some who do not even know how to swim.

Being stuck in the cave does not only pose physiological danger to the boys, but also potentially psychological ones. The absence of daylight within the cave might have affected the boys’ internal sense of time and their perception of it — a condition that the blind similarly deal with. Especially since they have been stranded in the cave for two weeks, being stuck in an environment of sustained darkness might cause depression, insomnia, and discord among the sequestered boys.

We are grateful that the boys have reached safety, and hope that they will soon reach full recovery without any further complications.

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