Human Pollution

For every human that exists, 8300 wild mammals die. Humanity only represents 0.01% of all living things, and yet humans are responsible for having destroyed 83% of wild mammal life on Earth.

These numbers are certainly staggering. It is absolutely distressing to confront the gross adverse impact that human life and modernisation has thrust upon the other creatures that share this earth with us, especially considering how minuscule human life is in relation to the other livingcreatures in existence.

Some might justify man’s capacity to take advantage of the Earth’s natural resources with his inherent intellectual superiority over other animals. This has been brought up either in religion: the Creation myth being one example, or science, with the concept of natural selection.

Given man’s supposed superiority, the question that follows then is: should the popular adage, “with great power, come great responsibility” apply in this context?

Should humanity’s superior intellect also be laden with the moral and ethical responsibility to protect the natural resources around him? Or should his exploitation of resources for capitalistic gain be warranted, given that his superior intellect is what allows him to devise ways to exploit the earth in the first place?…/human-race-just-001-of-all-li…

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