Fall of Najib

“A Stunning Fall from Grace.”
Malaysia’s ex-prime minister has been all over the news in the past few months. 
Najib Razak is presently being charged in court over a multi-billion 1MDB corruption scandal. In recent police raids of Najib’s several properties in Kuala Lumpur, authorities have seized close to US$275 million in cash and luxury items, such as designer bags and jewelry.

On the one hand, much public vitriol has surrounded the 1MDB debacle, with many middle class Malaysians seeking justice for their stagnant salaries and rising living costs under Najib’s rule. On the other hand, Najib supporters — his daughter Nooryana Najwa Najib in particular — continue to plead for his innocence, with hashtags such as #freenajib and #respectcivilliberties being posted on social media.

Regardless, with Mahathir Mohamad’s rise to power upon winning the national elections last May 9, we can certainly expect much political change to be underway in Malaysia.

There are several cautionary tales that warn us against being greedy or corrupt. The story of King Midas and his golden touch — although not a neat parallel to Najib’s current predicament — is a popular one many are familiar with. It is a tale of a king who allows his greed to overcome his better senses, which concludes in the turning of his beloved daughter into gold as well. Regret always comes too late, often when the consequences of our actions are already irreversible.

Could you think of any fables or fairy tales that warn its readers of the repercussions of greed?

Are such morality tales effective in warning their readers to not succumb to temptation, before it is too late?


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